Hero teenagers ‘save boy, 11, from being abducted by three hooded men who chased him’

The mum of an 11-year-old boy chased by three men on his walk home from school is desperate to thank two hero teens who blocked the would-be ‘abductors’.

Sherise Blackman claims the pair stood between her son and three hooded men who approached him in Beckenham, south east London, on Friday.

She shared an Instagram post describing how two men on foot and another in a car chased her son to a park where he ran into a basketball court and was protected by two older teenagers.

Ms Blackman told the Evening Standard the bus her son usually takes home from school was on a diversion and took him to a different road than than his usual stop 200 yards from his home.

Her son recognised the area and knew he wasn’t far from home.

But after the bus drove off, Ms Blackman said a black van pulled into the bus stop and asked her child where he was going.

She said: “He did say ‘I’m going home’ and the man then said ‘hop in, I’ll give you a ride’ at which point my son was like that’s not normal and he kind of started to hop foot it away.”

At this point, two more men appeared and began following the boy.

As he ran away, he looked behind him and could see the men were still following him so he turned into Croydon Road Recreation Ground hoping to find help.

His mother continued: “He saw the basketball court and saw two teenage boys playing basketball and he ran in there behind them.

“The two men then followed him into the tennis court and said to the teenage boys ‘oh he’s with us’ at which point he said ‘I don’t know them.”

The two teenagers proceeded to block the entrance to the court and told the schoolboy to run home, Ms Blackman said.

The mum said she was incredibly thankful to the two teens for protecting her son.

She said she would love to know who they were so she could thank them.

Her son ran home and told his parents about the incident straight away.

He was ‘really shaken up’ and the family called the police immediately, Ms Blackman said.

However she claims they won’t investigate it as an attempted abduction.

When police arrived to take a statement on May 2, she recalled: “They were asking questions like have you got any issues with other boys and do you have beef with other kids.

“I could see where they were going with this and I was like no it wasn’t that. My son is a very smart little boy – he sensed danger. But they were trying to fob it off.”

After the conversation was over, the family were told that an investigation couldn’t take place as no crime had been committed despite her nervous son having to go through the “whole rigmarole” of describing his upsetting experience, the mum claimed.

But the police said they would let local departments know about the incident so they could look into it, Ms Blackman said.

In a statement to the Standard, the Met Police said: “Police were called at 4.40pm on Friday, 30 April to reports of two males acting suspiciously in Whitmore Road, Beckenham. Officers arranged to take a statement from the complainant. No suspects were identified.

“The investigation has been closed; an intelligence report was recorded and should any further evidential opportunities arise this decision will be reviewed.”

Ms Blackman said that she was grateful to have her son home safe, but wanted to raise awareness so other families in the area would stay vigilant.