Struggling’ mum-of-five left in tears by anonymous note and food left on doorstep

A mum-of-five says she was moved to tears after finding a heartwarming note and bags of food left on her doorstep by an anonymous stranger.

Back in October, Emma Frost, from Blacon in Cheshire, said when there was an unexpected knock at the door, her daughter answered it to find two full bags of shopping and five children’s lunches waiting on the step.

The mum said: “When she came in, she told me that someone had left the shopping with a note,” reported Cheshire Live. “When I read the note I teared up. I was shocked. It was totally unexpected.”

A handwritten note left with the bags read: ‘Hi Emma, I’m doing food drops in the community, and someone has put your name forward to receive one. I’m also doing kids packed lunches Mon-Fri.

‘If you don’t want to receive the kids lunches, just send me a message. Otherwise I’ll drop them between 10:30 and 12pm.

‘No need to come to the door, I will knock, drop and leave. A gift from our family to yours.’

The mum said her older children were shocked and excited by the incredible gesture, while her 11-month-old “just wanted the biscuits he had spotted at the top of the bag”.

Emma said: “I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. On a day where I was struggling mentally, you brightened it up.

“It is very much appreciated and it shows there are still some people sharing their humanity around.”

The kind gesture came in October, shortly after the government opposed plans put forward by Labour to extend free school meals into half term.

Emma said at the time: “I think the government have made the wrong decision as there are more families in a worse situation than we are, and they could really do with the help.”