Which Caribbean island was invaded by the US in 1983? The Weekend Quiz

The questions
1 Who ruled much of England from AD911 as Lady of the Mercians?
2 What type of bird is a mollymawk?
3 What is the world’s lowest freshwater lake?
4 Which eternal optimist was created by Eleanor H Porter?
5 Which music venue moved from Gerrard Street to Frith Street?
6 What are measured from a zero post?
7 Which Caribbean island was invaded by the US in 1983?
8 In Spain, who is known as Rey Emérito?
What links:
9 Indian; monocled; red spitting; banded water; snouted?
10 Adenine; cytosine; guanine; thymine?
11 Ghost ship; ophiostoma ulmi affecting trees; gibberish; alcoholic bravado?
12 Hoplomachus; Murmillo; Retiarius; Samnite; Thracian?
13 John Young; Charles Duke; Harrison Schmitt; Eugene Cernan?
14 I (assassinated); II (exploding cannon); III and IV (in battle)?
15 Lavatories; honeymoon couples; lodgers; chambermaids; fig leaves?

The answers
1 Æthelflæd.
2 Albatross.
3 Sea of Galilee.
4 Pollyanna.
5 Ronnie Scott’s jazz club.
6 Distances along roads and railway lines.
7 Grenada.
8 Juan Carlos I (former king).
9 Cobras.
10 Bases in a DNA molecule.
11 Dutch: Flying Dutchman; causes Dutch elm disease; double Dutch; Dutch courage.
12 Types of Roman gladiator.
13 Last four astronauts to walk on the moon.
14 Deaths of King James I-IV of Scotland: 1437; 1460; 1488 and 1513.
15 Subjects banned on the BBC (1949 variety programme makers’ guide).